We Need your Talents…

Dear CCoT Members,

The Nominating Committee has been working behind the scenes trying to fill spots on our Boards that help the church run!  We’re looking for some new folks to fill in those spots that are open for 2021.  We know everyone’s got commitments to family, other organizations, sports, kids, etc. but we also know that serving in church leadership is a great way to get to know people. And we have fun together on every second Wednesday of the month!

We’re seeking new members for all CCoT Boards.

There are five Boards of the church: Board of Deacons, Board of Trustees, Board of Mission & Outreach, Board of Children & Youth, and Board of Community & Communications.

Boards consist of a minimum of 7 and maximum of 12 church members, who are elected at the Annual Meeting for 3-year terms.  Boards meet via Zoom on the second Wednesday of every month except in July and August. For more information about each Board, go to the church website at www.topsfieldchurch.org and select ‘Get Involved.’       

The Boards assure that the important work of our church gets done.   All 5 Boards currently have openings, and we’re hoping that you volunteer to join one.  The commitment is flexible with regard to your schedule.  There are plenty of opportunities on each board to help out when you can.  Many hands make light work! 

If you are interested in serving on a Board, please contact any of the following folks for more information:

Sheryl Knutsen, Chair, Nominating Committee: shknutsen@comcast.net

Gerald Seaman, member, Nominating Committee: jerry58@icloud.com

Barbara Barnes, member, Nominating Committee: mombarnes@mac.com

Larry Atkins, Chair, Board of Deacons:  deacons@topsfieldchurch.org

Guido Voss, Chair, Board of Trustees:  trustees@topsfieldchurch.org

Pam Warren, and Kathy Hartmann, Co-Chairs, Board of Mission and Outreach:  missionandoutreach@topsfieldchurch.org

Sigita Hartung Chair, Board of Children and Youth:  childrenandyouth@topsfieldchurch.org

Alison Hardy, Chair, Board of Community and Communications: communityandcommunications@topsfieldchurch.org

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