Stewardship Message – Together in Joy

 As we progress into fall and winter and Covid19 measures will stay with us, it will become even more important for us to find ways to stay connected and to find support within our church community.

Thanks to ZOOM and the efforts of our staff and technical team, we were quickly able to pull together a new way to have Sunday services. Since then we learned how to insert videos in our services, record our choir performances and to include an interactive children’s time.  This new way of being together actually opened the door for more members to attend who would otherwise be away or shut in at home. Our Sunday worship attendance has increased this year, especially over the summer months.

While we long to be together in person and enjoy the rich experience of a service with the organ and full choir in the meeting house, our outreach through a streamed service will stay with us long after we return to in person services.

We learned that we need to invest in a new video technology to make the streaming service compelling and manageable in a digital world. This investment will also enhance our in-person service with the ability to show videos and hymns on screens in the meeting house.

Your continued support in 2021 will help us to grow our outreach and to stay connected with each other in new and exciting ways.

The Stewardship Committee

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