Purchase a Generator at SBE Generator Rowley and refer CCT

No Power
Need a Back Up Generator

Sick of losing power? Have you been thinking about getting a generator?

Well, so has the Church!

When power is out in the Emerson Center we run the risk of flooding the basements when our sump pumps can’t pump and our fire suppression system getting triggered because the compressor that keeps it pressured stops working.

The time has come for a generator.

We are planning to install at the Emerson Center by late summer and have chosen SBE, Inc. of Rowley to do the installation.

SBE, Inc.

Stephen Faulkner
978-948-6050 or 603-670-3350

Deadline to sign on is June 30th, 2018.

Refer/forward to other folks you know are thinking of installing a generator and ask them to say CCoT sent them!

Expect to pay between $7,500 and $12,000 depending on whether you want some/critical items on the generator or you want the whole (typical) house automatically backed up. Exact pricing of your system will vary depending on your electrical system and needs.

Be sure to mention the church when you call and a referral fee will go towards the Emerson Center project and if enough people sign on we will get an even steeper discount.

Please notify the buildingandgrounds@topsfieldchurch.org if you have contracted so that we can properly track referral fees.

MAKE SURE TO TELL SBE that CCoT referred you!

Don’t wait! Hurricane season and Winter is coming!

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