Art Supplies Collection

The Board of Mission and Outreach (BOMO) is joining The Syrian Refugee Mission of the North Shore (established by St. John’s Episcopal Church) with their current collection efforts for NuDay Syria.

The group hopes to fill 500-700 backpacks with greatly needed art supplies. Due to the 7th year of civil war in Syria, children are experiencing post traumatic disorder,severe anxiety and fear. Health aid workers in the area have identified that art therapy has been helpful in relieving some of the stress for the children. The art activities take place in safe spaces, providing a much needed sense of hope and calmness.

Please join BOMO by assisting with this collection. Place your donations in the bin located in the church office. Contributions will be collected through 5/21.

The following supplies are being requested.

Back pack, drawing paper, notebooks, sketchbooks, mandala pattern books, pencils, erasers, pencil sharpeners, fine art postcards, crayons, markers, colored pencils, colored chalk, oil pastels, scissors, rulers, glue sticks, tissue paper, self-hardening clay, water color paints, water color trays, yarn, plain white paper.

With appreciation,
Pamela Warren on behalf of the Board of Mission and Outreach

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