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April Birthday’s

Tuesday, March 27th, 2018

Happy Birthday to:
Joan Larson, 04/01
Emily Mcilvaine, 04/02
Jacob Itz, 04/04
Walter Losee, 04/05
Charles Ames, 04/06
Judi Gosbee, 04/06
Tony Rogers, 04/06
Andrew Mulholland, 04/08
Susie Read, 04/08
Mary Rench, 04/10
Ryan Cass, 04/10
Fred Hoover, 04/11
Ben Long, 04/11
Jody Clineff, 04/13
Matthew Long, 04/14
Katie Townes, 04/16
Tom Trevenen, 04/19
Alex Davie, 04/21
Jim Mitchell, 04/21
Theo Hutt, 04/23
Albert Stonestreet, 04/28

Mission and Outreach Easter Offering 2018

Monday, March 19th, 2018

We are the agents of transformation that God uses to transfigure this world.”
(Archbishop Desmond Tutu)

March 2018

Dear Church Family,

During the Lenten season, it is the custom of our church to hold a special offering intended to help those in need. This year the Board of Mission and Outreach has chosen the following two recipients:

A ministry of the United Church of Christ, 7 other Christian denominations, and Church World Service, One Great Hour of Sharing donations are at work changing lives locally and in 138 countries around the world. In the United States, this offering provides disaster relief when earthquakes, hurricanes, tornados and other acts of nature hit our soil. Internationally, the funds are used not only for disaster relief, but also for water, hunger, and agricultural empowerment projects to lift people out of poverty. It is also used to support missionaries and refugees.

We continue to support RIM North Shore Cluster in their difficult and important work. The offering will go directly to support a refugee family in the north shore as they work toward rebuilding their lives in the U.S. More information on RIM can be found at

Your gift will be divided equally between these two organizations unless you specify otherwise on your check. Thank you in advance for your generous offering, which can be made using the Easter envelope provided in your pledge packet or special envelopes in the church pews.

The Board of Mission and Outreach
Jim Barnes
Sue Blanchard
John Burgess
Kathy Hartmann
Charise Rohm Nulsen
Pam Warren
Claudia Worth