2018 Spring Speaker Series Crucial Communications: Finding Common Ground

Sponsored by CCOT Adult Christian Education Committee

Crucial Communications: Finding Common Ground 
The Congregational Church of Topsfield is pleased to announce a series centered around the theme of how we communicate in an atmosphere where tensions run high. This series of speakers addresses pathways to better understanding of how we convey ideas to others and, at the same time, show we are receptive to understanding their point of view. It highlights past historical events that offer insight into our present era.

A recap from Rev. Don Remick’s presentation on Sunday, February 18th, 2018 addressing the difficulties presented when fellow Christians hold strong opposing views can be viewed at the following links.

View Churches Alive powerpoint presentation here.

View Simon Sinek TED talk video here.

View Michael Jr “Know Your Why” YouTube video here.

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Make It Safe Behavioral Covenant elements

The Transforming and Transformed Church of the emerging era 2018

Speaker Series listing continued:

Pure Heart, the Faith of a Father and Son
in the War for a More Perfect Union
William Quigley
Sunday April 8 11 a.m. Emerson Center
author, historian and faculty member of Governor’s Academy. His book tells the true story of a prominent Philadelphia minister. wrongfully forgotten by history, whose success in holding his fractious congregation together during the Civil War parallels Lincoln’s saving of the nation.
It is also the story of the heroism of the minister’s son in a storied Union regiment. Now and again the author proposes we are at similar crossroads in America today with partisan politics, religious polarization and racial tribalism running amok. Is it again time for “the better angels of nature,” that Lincoln hoped to invoke, to once more appear?

What Divides Us and Is There Anything We Can Do?
Dr. T. Richard Snyder
Sunday, April 15 11 a.m. Emerson Center
is an ordained Presbyterian minister and Professor Emeritus of Theology and Ethics and former academic dean of New York Theological Seminary. For many years he has been a leader of the Restorative Justice movement in Maine seeking to bring healing to those harmed, rehabilitation for offenders, and re-establishing broken relationships. He is the author of three books and numerous articles on social justice and is completing a new book tentatively entitled, “Those People: Overcoming Our Divisions.”
Dr. Snyder will also address this theme in his sermon as guest preacher.

How Media and the Press Have Changed Since the
Elimination of the “Fairness Doctrine.”
Marc Holmes
Sunday, April 29 11 a.m. Emerson Center
producer, media expert and radio host, will address the changes in the media since the elimination of the “fairness doctrine” in the 1980’s.
He will highlight the changes that have resulted in our current political polarization as conveyed by an unbalanced media.

This series is a free offering in the hope of facilitating a more peaceful society.

Lenten Series:
The Challenge of Paul. DVD lessons beginning Feb 25th

The Adult Christian Education will begin a Lenten Series on Sun. Feb. 25th and continuing through March 18th. The series is centered around “The Challenges of Paul”. This will be based on a video series with study discussion presented by Dominic Crossan. This series will approach the discussion via video lessons and address the following:
Sun. Feb. 25: In search of the Historical Paul: an appealing or appalling apostle.

Sun. Mar. 4: How to read a Pauline letter.

Sun. Mar. 11: The Romanization of a Radical

Sun. Mar. 18: Jewish Covenant versus Roman Empire

Also, ACE will begin a new book study on Tues. Feb. 27th at 7:30 p.m. in the parlor.

The title of the book for this session is Convictions by Marcus Borg. If you are interested in joining this group please email Steve Whelan swhelan37@verizon.net.

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