Film Screening of Defining Hope

Sunday, Nov. 5th at 11:15 the Emerson Center Fellowship Hall.
Come watch a new film about living and dying well.  End of life discussions are important and often happen in stressful times.
Watch these stories of individuals and families defining hope.
All are welcome.  Open to the public.
Defining Hope is a documentary that weaves the stories of patients with life-threatening illness, and the nurses who guide them as they make choices about how they want to live, how much medical technology they can accept, what they hope for and how that hope evolves. It is about optimism and helps us define what ‘quality of life’ really means.Diane is a nurse caring for end-stage cancer patients who is confronted with her own complex diagnosis. 23-year-old Alena undergoes a risky brain surgery that has the potential to damage her short-term memory. 95-year- old Berthold lives with his elderly wife who struggles to honor his wish of dying peacefully at home. Defining Hope follows these patients and others as they face death, embrace hope, and ultimately redefine what makes life worth living.

Video link to trailer here .

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