Haven from Hunger…It’s time to fill the truck!

Haven from Hunger…It’s time to fill the truck!

Bring your food Items Sunday!!
On Sunday, November 20th, the Truck from Haven from Hunger will be arriving during our Sunday Worship service for our church to fill with groceries for replenishing their food pantry located in Peabody.  If you are unable to bring groceries to church on Sunday, a bin for donations is available Fri. Nov. 18th in the church office.
The food pantry at Haven from Hunger provides over 1,800 households with fresh fruits and vegetables, meat, diary, and canned goods. Last year, they distributed enough food for close to 600,000 meals and they need our church’s help to continue.  Items such as canned tuna and chicken, soups (other than chicken noodle), cereal, peanut butter, and personal care items are urgently needed but all contributions are welcome! Please check the expiration date and avoid glass containers.
Our church has historically been a great supporter of this organization and we can expect to do so again due to your generosity.

The Mission Board thanks you in advance for your support that will mean so much for others during the upcoming Thanksgiving and Christmas Holidays.

Cathy Imboden, on behalf of the Board of Mission and Outreach

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