Meet Stephanie Minister and Hear about USFCH and Yonel

Sunday, April 24, 11am-12pm
Emerson Center Parlor

Stephanie Minister is on the board of US Foundation for the Children of Haiti and will update us on the USFCH, an organization that we support, and Yonel, ‘our’ sponsored child in Haiti.  Our church is part of a support network that contributes to the well being of children and families in Haiti through homes for children and adults with disabilities, schools and a general hospital.  USFCH has been supporting the children of Haiti “one child at a time” for over 35 years.  Stephanie will also be addressing the congregation about USFCH’s mission for a few minutes during the service prior to the discussion group meeting in the Emerson Center.

Sponsored by the CCOT Board of Mission and Outreach.

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