ONA Opportunity

It may be hard to believe it but 4 years ago we took the momentous step to declare ourselves an Open and Affirming congregation.  Since that date we have maintained an attitude befitting that stance but sometimes I think that we are still in a mode similar to that of the disciples shortly after Jesus’s death and resurrection, one of hiding and praying.

As part of our commitment to ONA we should take every opportunity to make a difference.  Just such an opportunity has arisen: a chance to let our legislators know that we honor the dignity of transgender persons.  We can do so by writing to our state representative and senator to encourage them to vote in favor of  SB 735/HB 1577, legislation that would extend non-discrimination protections to transgender Bay Staters in public places like movie theaters, sports stadiums and shopping malls.  (The letter which I sent to State Senator Joan Lovely and to State Representative Brad Hill is accessible via this link.  Please feel free to use it as is or modify it as you see fit.)

The ONA Ministry Team of the UCC is also asking us to join Freedom Massachusetts’s Faith Weekend of Action on April 9-10 by praying and taking action for this legislation to succeed and become the law of the Commonwealth.

The disciples took only 50 days to emerge from their shelter and, infused with the Holy Spirit, break out to proclaim the message and teachings of their Lord.  We are well beyond those 50 days but it is never too late for us to make our thoughts known and to take action on behalf of the marginalized people of this Commonwealth.

Please take the time to lend your support.

John Szymanski

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