CCT Launching a New Initiative called Community Groups!!

The Congregational Church of Topsfield is ready to launch a new initiative called Community Groups!  Community groups will meet for a social gathering 3-4 times a year, with the specific purpose of expanding our community, fostering fellowship and offering support to fellow group members.  It is through personal relationships that we can minister to one another and create a true compassionate community.

Often when we come to church on Sunday morning, we smile and say hello to many people, some of whom we only see on Sunday morning, some we may not know at all, and still others with whom we have developed strong social connections. As is human nature we tend to gravitate toward this latter group during coffee hour.  Through our community groups we hope to grow in fellowship with those who may or may not be in our established church social or interest group so that everyone in our midst feels connected to the greater church.  This will be especially helpful for new members of the church.

Our community groups are made up of church members and/or friends of the church who typically live in a geographic neighborhood, although this is not always the case.  There will be no proselytizing at these meetings, just a few icebreakers or easy fun questions to encourage us to get to know each other.  We hope that as we get to know one another, we will feel comfortable to reach out in times of need; for example, when needing a ride to a doctor’s appointment, or a wellness check during a severe weather incident.

We divided the church membership and friends into nine community groups, each having a host to organize group gatherings.  You will hear from your host within the next several weeks with information about your community group and where and when the first gathering will be.  Let us all step out of our comfort zone just a bit to meet our neighbors and participate in these community groups.

If your host has not contacted you by the end of April, please contact either Beccy Knowles or Dolly McIlvaine to make sure we have your correct contact information and that you are assigned to a group.

In peace,

Beccy Knowles                         Dolly McIlvaine
978-317-5599                           978-790-2635

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