Mission Opportunities- Fundraising for Refugee Immigration Ministry

Refugee Immigration Ministry (R.I.M.) invites all to join a fundraising walk around Lake Quannapowit in Wakefield on Saturday, June 27 at 10 AM, to commemorate International Refugee Week, which is June 15-21, 2015.  Register to join Cathy Imboden’s team or donate here

R.I.M. offers community resettlement assistance to people who have fled their homeland due to war, terror, and torture.

Resettled R.I.M. clients are now working and contributing to Massachusetts- communities in the many ways:
•A individual has completed the medical boards;
•Another individual has become a dentist;
•Another is finishing a degree in trauma counseling;
•A individual is a top marketing executive; and
•Another is contributing his skills to a local university.

Participation and support along with donations from local communities made this possible.  Consider what a donation to

R.I.M. covers (Donations of any amount are welcome!):
•$1,000 pays a family’s rent for one month
•$ 300 pays for a family’s transportation
•$ 500 will pay for a month’s worth of food for a family.
•$100 will pay for a phone for a family for one month.
•$ 50 will pay for a child’s lunches for one month.
•$ 25 will feed a family for two days.

Please consider donating to R.I.M. or join R.I.M. at an

Upcoming event:
•Training for Spiritual Caregivers:  5:30 PM Thursday, June 4, 5:30 PM Friday, June 5, and 9:30 AM Saturday, June 6 , at Trinity Church, River Rd.
•Topsfield Art Show:  Saturday, July 25, Trinity Church, River Rd. Topsfield
•Walk along Lake Quannapowit, Saturday, 10 AM June 27 start in Wakefield.
•R.I.M. International Dinner:  Sunday, Oct. 18, The Spirit of Boston, Rowe’s Wharf, Boston.

For more information about donating or any of these events contact Ellie Losee at ellie.losee@gmail.com, or Cathy Imboden at cbimboden@comcast.net  or visit www.r-i-m.net or 781-322-1011.

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